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GuiBoard Elephant

$750.00 - $1,750.00

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1 – Precision is just one advantage

A GuiBoard adds surgical precision to UI-design sessions.
At a glance you can see how one idea fits in many resolutions.

2– Design for iPhone, Fullscreen, webpage, TV, HD

GuiBoards contain many resolution standards, all calculated to be in proportion to GuiMags UI-controls.
Want something else? Just draw your own using the resolutions that are already there!

3 – No more “how-big-is-this-button-at-that-resolution?”

You can compare multiple resolutions by sketching once!
This is because the GuiBoards resolutions are printed on top of each other.

4 – It’s a whiteboard and a GuiBoard

GuiBoards printed resolutions don’t push itself to the front.
We went through great pains to get the cleanest design so you can peacefully replace your current whiteboard.

5 – Clear dimensions, without rigid limitations

Sometimes your mind needs to stay away from industry standards to get to a breakthrough (after which you merge the result within the standards). Computer design programs don’t allow this. GuiBoards do: see the dimensions, but ignore them when needed.

6 – Supreme board quality

We partnered with the top magnetic-whiteboard producers in multiple continents to deliver GuiBoards with HQ coating, fine printing, and lasting quality.

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