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The Unplugged

$15.00 - $17.50

The sky is not the limit:
Your team is, your process is, your budget is, your toolset is.
The Unplugged have found freedom from these.

Let this book show you:
  • The four phases of development
  • Why techies and UX-Designers argue
  • 3 Breakthrough techniques: Endvisioning, Techbalancing, and Magnetic Prototyping
  • Dealing with ever-changing clients
  • The way of The Unplugged

About the author:
Fresh out of college, Ruven Meulenberg designed stunning multimedia concept for the 7th largest company in the world. The companies he founded over the years achieved international success by developing new ways of designing and building applications. Today, his tools and methods are rapidly spreading across four continents.

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